Reducing Auto Theft with CA Car Insurance

by tdickins

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Keeping your CA car insurance up to date is essential to help give you financial protection in the event that your car is broken into or stolen. However, in addition to security devices such as a car alarm and a recommended wheel lock, a few common sense steps may help reduce the chances of thieves making off with your vehicle.

Park your vehicle off the road

This is a wise precaution, particularly if you live in an area with a high crime rate. If you have the facilities available, park your car in an off-street garage and lock it up. The extra time needed to break into the premises and then the car may deter many thieves. The other factor is that when a car is out of view, it’s less likely to become a target.

Hide all valuables from view

Remove the added temptation of having visible valuables stolen from your vehicle by removing them completely from your car or, if that is not possible, prevent them being seen from outside the car by placing them in the trunk or under the seat.

Makes sure the car is locked and windows closed

Always double check to see if you have correctly locked your vehicle and that all windows are shut securely.

By taking a few precautions such as those listed above, you may reduce the chance of having your vehicle broken into. The fewer claims you make against your CA car insurance the less you are likely to be asked to pay for car insurance in the future.


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